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The "Unnamed Quilt Project" 
18th-Jan-2013 09:37 pm
Me FOS2009 by Kali
Been awhile. Holiday décor necessitated all my sewing/quilting stuff be crammed into the closet upstairs to make room for the tree and the various other stuffs that accompany decorating for the season. I missed it. Bad. Now the holiday décor has been trunked and dragged back up to the attic for the year.
Due to a recent mistake, I am kind of dead in the water on the route I was going to take in completing a current project for a friend. I learned a lesson, the details of which are my business. Let’s just say it was an expensive one that I won’t make again any time soon. Hopefully I will be able to rectify this mistake and get to the business of ACTUAL quilting soon.
Sewing machine being upstairs and recent cold weather rendering my hips unequal to the challenge of said stairs without a great deal of pain, thereby taking all the fun out of the process, I have decided to try hand piecing. HARD. It took me all dayum day to do ONE block! Definitely not going to be a speed demon about this process that’s for sure.
For record keeping purposes, this is an ‘Unnamed Quilt Project’, heretofore referred to as UQP#1. I am using the Chateau Rouge line of fabrics by French General for Moda Fabrics. Sounds snotty and expensive doesn’t it? It is. But OMG the fabrics are to DIE for and speak to me like nothing else has yet. Apparently the fabric designers stayed in an old Chateau in France that had these wardrobes filled with antique French textiles. They were the inspiration for this line of fabrics that I instantly fell in love with.
So. After much arguing and gnashing of teeth and a few more furtive fabric orders in the near future, I’ve started on this project. I have barely been able to keep my hands from petting it…actually I’ve kept it in a box in our bedroom so I could pet it periodically while I was collecting enough to be able to start it. The fabrics went fast, so it may end up only being a lap quilt instead of on a bed somewhere.
Here are the fabrics, their descriptions and other info. I DID warn you that I’d be documenting every single thing I do. Wish I had done this for the different Hoffman 1859 Spearmint batiks I used for “Beauty of the Green Earth” but hey, I’m learning as I go here. Still, there won’t be a problem for anyone dating my work when I’m gone. I didn’t know that each fabric has a name. Makes sense though…I name my jewelry pieces…so I ‘get’ that.

The fabric line has five base colors. Red Roche, Pearl, Mustard, Faded Red, and Stone with the following patterns in the order they appear below: Renoud, Nanette, Sylvie, Flatetta, Soleil , Toussant, Laurette, Chatelaine, Beaumont and Vignette, each appearing in four of the five colors.

ChateauRougecollage (2)

I think the Beaumont, Chatelain, and Flatetta are my favorites. Laurette and Sylvie are really nice as well. Not crazy about the medallion print Soleil, but the small patterns are nice too.
Here is my first hand pieced block using this fabric line:

Close up of the stitches:

Can you tell I REALLY REALLY need a manicure?? Heh, you should see my feet! First thing to go when money is tight is all the extra money spent on ‘personal hygeine’. Have you seen the price of razors lately? GAWDS!!!

Here are some pics of the blocks I have planned so far:

Anyway, next week I’ll get the sewing machine back downstairs and go to work finishing up the project for my friend – you know, the one with the flannel shirts? She finally found the khaki pants she wanted for the border. I’m kinda excited to see how it all turns out.
19th-Jan-2013 07:42 am (UTC)
That really looks like a set of Quilt Squares from the company BasicGrey. Is it?
19th-Jan-2013 08:04 pm (UTC)
Actually no...and I just realized I never plugged the Mill..lol..

That's Chauteau Rouge by French General by Moda Fabrics.
29th-Jan-2013 12:25 am (UTC)
i was wondering how the quilting was going. Sorry to hear there is a problem. If it is the quilt frame that is the problem, let me know.
29th-Jan-2013 12:41 am (UTC)
The quilt frame isn't the whole of the problem. I have an appointment with someone to show me how to put it together. Since there were no instructions, I hadn't a clue. After that, it's all good. No..my mistake...well...shall we say, have you ever heard the phrase "measure twice, cut once"?? I might have got that backwards on some important fabric for a project. I have to replace it. Finding it is the problem. Apparently fabric has 'seasons' and I picked an older line. I need to quit being so OCD on the fabric lines and be more about it when it comes to cutting and measuring. I think it's going to work out though. I don't think others are going to be quite as concerned with color lots as I have been.
29th-Jan-2013 01:51 am (UTC)
let me know if there should be a problem with the frame, as far as it being in working condition. Glad to hear you'll be quilting soon. btw, Jannifer Chiaverini has a new book out, not on quilting though, it's historical fiction, "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker."
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