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Musings of a Witch
Memoirs of a Magickal Life
Thanksgiving Made of Win....and Pie 
23rd-Nov-2012 11:31 am
Me FOS2009 by Kali

Well, this Thanksgiving was epic!  Normally we drive to Robb’s mom’s house in Morristown.   A couple years ago we all met at his ex-wife Kelly’s house (Curtis and Zac’s Mom – the SANE one, not the inmate) and had an extended family Thanksgiving which was also nice. 

This year, I decided to cook for everybody at my house.  That started Monday.  I did two pies, Apple and Cherry, my first.  I also did my first cheesecake..a Pumpkin Cheesecake which turned out yummy.   I did sugar snap peas, ginger glazed carrots, mashed potatoes with parsnips, my bread and some rolls, baked macaroni and cheese and a broccoli and cheese casserole.  Oh yeah..and a twelve pound turkey and a ten pound ham.  The fudge was also present.

We had Robb’s mom and Susan, Curtis and Jane and her brother John, Zac and of course G and T and myself.  Ten people total.  So it wasn’t a major thing, but it was enough to keep me busy all week.  I managed to be ready with a couple hours to spare.  Of course after I was done, the predictable migraine showed up..classic…just as soon as the stress is relieved BAM!!!  But I tool some ibuprofen before, because I was expecting it and it wasn’t so bad.  I had about an hour of not so bad pain but pretty severe nausea after eating.   I haven’t eaten that much in I couldn’t tell you when.

After dinner a very large, boisterous poker game broke out.  For a while, G was leading with the most chips but Jane wound up carrying the night, taking everyone’s money.  I’m a watcher.  I love watching groups interact.  This was a wonderful opportunity to see both Robb and his sons completely at ease and having fun.  It’s so good to see him get to participate in his son’s lives, ALL of his son’s lives.   He said that the inmate called several times during the day, but because we weren’t paying attention to phones and things like that, no one knew.   I’m glad.  The boys didn’t need to be reminded that their lives were anything  but normal today.  My job has always been to make sure they have memories.  NORMAL memories of holidays, good food, fun company, in an environment of safety and love. 

As everyone was leaving, I collected hugs.  To my astonishment, I got hugs from BOTH T AND G!!!!  I had to go to the bathroom so they wouldn’t see me cry. 

Yes, this Thanksgiving was epic -in more ways than food.  I miss my daughter and grandkids, I miss my sister and nieces…but I also have my sons.  FOUR of them.  This will be a Thanksgiving I hold close for many years to come.  It was made of WIN….oh…and pie, and fudge, and banana pudding and…..

1st-Dec-2012 02:18 pm (UTC)
Is it wrong of me that I giggled at "(Curtis and Zac’s Mom – the SANE one, not the inmate)"...

I'm glad it was one filled with many blessings for you. You deserve it.
1st-Dec-2012 09:28 pm (UTC)
Why would it be wrong to giggle in acknowledgment of the truth? Even if it was a giggle about ME being the crazy one...it'd still be the truth! Nothing wrong with that!
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