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Musings of a Witch
Memoirs of a Magickal Life
A Garden of Angels 
17th-Dec-2012 12:09 am
Me FOS2009 by Kali

When we see children playing, shrieking with joy, we smile.  We see ourselves, younger, with our whole lives ahead of us, mostly untouched by evil and hardship.  When we hug a child, we accept and reciprocate unconditional love at its purest. 

When we see violence, we recoil from it.  We do this BECAUSE somewhere in our minds and hearts we cannot reconcile it with the memories of the innocence of children, the place where we all start.  We are all children once.  We are all innocent once.  We are all fresh and new once.  We all can go to the place where we remember being little, being a child, being innocent.  We can all remember being free…and we smile.  That is how we cope with seeing insurmountable horror.  It is how we begin to heal. 

So when  the violence visits upon the very stuff our innocence was made of, when bullets tear through the soft, tender bodies of children who are the very embodiment of love on earth, we are understandably poleaxed by stunned disbelief because we all know we were children once, that we were innocent, that we viewed the world with wonder instead of cynicism.

Our world does not value innocence anymore.  Our world does not value to commitment to mold and shape the minds of the innocent children in their care.  Our world has divorced itself from what is important, and joined itself to a heinous definition of ‘fun’, and a detached means of marking death as a ‘kill’.  What does this say about our humanity?  Nothing good.

There is now an area of sacred ground in Newtown, CT.  Sacred ground steeped in the blood of innocence, in the blood of valor, in the blood of honor.   This area will forever be marked by these events, by the memories made and the lives lost, and the unspeakable horror suffered both by the victims themselves and the first responders whose job it was to somehow properly treat the carnage they saw as the children and heroic adults they were.  Death by violence is messy.  It is visceral, its odor taints the air, its energy permeates the atmosphere around it.  It is not conducive to logical thinking for a normal person.  First responders are thought to be normal people.  I put forth that they are something more.  They have to be in order to be able to see what they do and still be functioning humans.  They have to be to still be humans with functioning emotional empathy for parents who have lost their babies, husbands who have lost their wives and a town who has lost its small town innocence.

So the first to walk in the Garden of Angels were the first responders there to care for their remains, there to gather their little bodies up and take them to be made presentable for their parents and husbands and children to even be able to see.  There to see the ground made sacred with the wash of innocent blood. 

But there is something far more sinister going about this and other events like it.  Mass shootings have become the 21 first century equivalent of the cold war ‘heart attack’.   I’m no conspiracy theorists but there are too many holes in this story; too much that made it out before it was silenced.  There is more going on here than meets the eye.  What sickens me is that this Garden of Angels may have been planted as a persuasion/blackmail technique.  The information is out there if you look for it.  Don’t dismiss things just because they aren’t ‘sourced.  What I found was sources by AP before it wasn’t anymore.   The details I refer to were broadcast on CNN in the beginning yet have not been mentioned since. 

What am I talking about?  Isn’t it enough that murdered kindergartners were the price?  What more do you need?  If you need more, look.  It’s not hard to find because those who know the truth don’t believe these leaks to be a threat because they don’t think anyone will believe them.  They think this entire weekend the entire country has been watching a memorial service instead of focusing on facts.  Well not all of us have done that.  Not all of us believe this was the act of a mentally ill young man.  Not all of us.  If anything ever happens to me it will be because I didn’t keep my mouth shut.  Already strange things are happening to my computer.  I do not fear dying…I do not fear death.  I don’t even fear the suffering of those I love if it is done specifically to agitate me or make me cooperative.  So what are they gonna do?  We’ll see.  Because I am not going to shut up. 

Look for the connections between LIBOR and these events.  You. Will. Be. Shocked.   Or maybe not.  I wasn’t.  Angry yes.  Surprised…no. 

From now on when I see children playing, shrieking with joy, I will smile, but I will also remember.  Someone thought innocence was a suitable sacrifice.  People of my belief system are often thought to do such things.  To use the blood of innocents to achieve our goals.  It would appear that the ones who perpetrated these crimes are the Devil many seek.  The Christian’s Bible says “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”  Well, it’s not the first time I’ve found something applicable in that book.  I just wish this time it was a fairytale.

This Garden of Angels was planted to persuade people to say certain things.  The theater in Colorado was also planted in a similar manner.   Innocent blood.   I don’t believe I am mistaken anymore.  I saw the holes in the story covered up – I saw them disappear, only this time, I was paying more attention.

17th-Dec-2012 11:25 am (UTC)
How many kids dead from drone strikes? I think that there are a lot of people in high places who don't really care how many kids they kill, no matter how many fatherly tears the spill for TV...
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