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Musings of a Witch

Memoirs of a Magickal Life

30 April 1964

Welcome to my little experiment. The layout is courtesy of layouts_by_me. I need to keep a journal and forget too often to update my written journal. Since I spend a good deal of time online, I thought a livejournal would help me keep up with my journal on a daily basis better than trying to keep my eyes open in bed as the last thing I do each day. I was 42 when I started this journal, a Taurus, a Gaian Witch, a 2nd* Alexandrian Wiccan Initiate, I am currently (and for the rest of my life I hope) in a monogamous relationship with a wonderful man and we've been together going on twelve years and got married in 2012. I am bisexual, but that doesn't have a thing to do with monogamy now does it? I love history, gardening, especially herb gardening, I love to read and read everything I get my hands on, even the dictionary in a pinch. Reading/learning is by far my favorite pastime, but I also like to make beaded jewelry, make my own incense and perfume, spin my own yarn and knit things and generally try to become a better herbalist than I was last year, so I'm a work in process on most fronts.

I am married to Robb, and we are raising his two sons G and T. Two step-sons are grown - I helped raise them as well and the younger one refers to me as Mom. I am the only female (human that is) in the house. Sometimes the testosterone is too much for me to handle, but for the most part, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have my little porch garden...and that's the cheapest therapy known! There's just something truly satisfying about growing things. Not to mention the satisfaction of the resounding "thunk" of a hoe sinking into a bag of manure. It keeps me from killing people.

I have four cats, Meezers (Siamese to those who aren't owned by such) Mem and Sterling, a long-haired black female named Belladonna, and Mojo, a black male from her first litter. We also have a German Shepherd named Titan, which I somehow, perhaps while I was sleeping, was persuaded to let come live with us. He's almost two years old...and dear gods please don't let me kill him before he's grown.

I am an Alexandrian Witch. If you are Family, please make up your own mind, as the 'legends' are only half true, and there is always more to the story than the one side. Would that I truly had the power I have been credited. That said, I love my path and our ways, but I abhor the politics associated with it. I stay away from certain people, and away from the people who associate themselves with said people.

I am originally from Memphis, TN but I love where I am. I have the best circle of friends, chosen family, and Family there is.

I think I am a pretty interesting person...so I made this live journal thingy. Enjoy!

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